Natural Emerald (Panna)- related astrologically to healing Chakra and balancing energy of Planet Mercury, the natural emeraldis a sign of heart energy. This wellspring of emotions is known to resolve blockages in our sub-consciousness while providing us the energy of green i.e. nature. It helps us understand dour own needs and emotions in a clear way. The vivid tone of natural emeraldsincluding green to bluish green makes it as the most-prized gemstones of all. There is no eye-color zoning in the stone which makes it an immaculate piece of jewelry. 

Emerald (Panna) is a very soft stone & is one of the most precious stones.Its price is determined according to color, appearance, brightness, weight, transparency. Original Emerald helps to promotes knowledge of the heart and brain resulting in peaceful happy life.Emerald is also known as the gem of Lord Ganesha.Emerald gemstone basically improves & strengthens the positive influences of Buddha or mercury planet in the native’s horoscope.These influences include intelligence, education,speech,teaching ,learning, communication, confidence, writing,drawing, trade, humor, wit, discrimination, diplomacy, intellect and commerce. We have the best selection of Natural Certified Emeralds from Zambia, Colombia and Brazil.