Certified Natural Emerald Gemstone From Brazil 4.70ct


Finest quality Premium Grade Royal Green Brazil Emerald 6.10 ct From Jaipur City of Gems. This Emerald Have the best green shade. Very Rare to find emerald gemstone of this high quality


4.70Ct  Certified Natural Emerald Gemstone From Brazil,  May Birthstone, Loose Emerald For Custom Jewelry Rings Pendant.

Color:- Green As Shown In Picture

Gemstone: Natural Emerald (Indian Name: Panna)

Origin:- Brazil

Shape:-  Octagon

Weight:- 4.70 Ct

Clarity:  Good

Shine:- Good

Transparency: Good

Treatment: unheated, Untreated

About Stone:

Emerald gemstone is most valuable gemstone and demand of this gemstone is very high now-a-days. Emerald or panna stone is used to make the attractive jewelry and jewelry of this stone is very famous among girls. This stone is also well known because of its attractive healing properties. This gemstone is considered as the cold gem, so this stone is most popular because of its astrological effects or benefits. Emerald indicates the planet “Mercury” or “Budh” so it is directly related to the “Budhi” only, as it represents the “Budh” so emerald is also known as “Budh Ratna”. If mercury planet is placed in your favor in your horoscope then emerald or panna stone will make you rise only. It is also known as the birthstone of the month “May”. I will discuss about the astrological benefits of emerald gemstone in this upcoming crumb of the blog.



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