30ct Natural Certified Rarest Hessonite Garnet Gomed Ganesha Carving


Lord Ganesha Carved Idol Natural Certified Leaf Shaped Carved Rub Ganesha 30 Ct Rarest Finest Quality Ganesha Figurines Indian Religious Idols. Indian religious idols made by Natural Gemstones with Fast Express Delivery


Very rarest to find hand made  Hessonite Garnet Gomed Ganesha Carving antique carving of Indian god lord Garnet  Ganesha made from 100% pure real untreated unheated Gomed Garnet.

Lord Ganesha Carved 100% Natural Certified Gomed Garnet 30 Ct Carving Garnet Ganesha Rarest Finest Quality, July Birthstone Idol, For Locket, Pendant and Custom Jewelry

Color: Orange Brown As Shown In Picture

Gemstone: Gomed Garnet

Origin: Africa

Shape: Lord Ganesha Idol

Weight: 30 Ct

Clarity: Excellent

Luster:- Excellent

Transparency: N/A

Treatment: Unheated Untreated



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