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Natural Ruby Carving 3pcs Set 10ct Certified Unheated Ruby


Rare Certified Unheated Natural Ruby Carving Heart Pear Shape 3pcs Set Layout For Jewelry or Collection. Excellent for earrings and pendants.You can also order gold or silver earrings/pendant. Please contact us for quote and details.Very Rare to Find Natural ruby carving gemstones.

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Certified Untreated Unheated Natural Ruby Carving 3pcs set of 10ct excellent of all kind of jewelry items i.e earrings or pendants etc.

Item Description

Natural Ruby
(Indian Name:Manek)
Quantity: 3pcs Set
Weight:  10 Cts Approx. (3pcs)
Certificate:  AGR Certified
  Refer to Certificate Details
 Fancy Carved Pear
Clarity: Excellent
Color:  Red As Shown In picture
Luster:  Very Good
Treatment:  None (Unheated- Untreated)
Origin: Africa



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